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Friday, 09 November 2007
Bow Hanger Kit           bowhanger
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Used in conjunction with a Tree Apron Hunting Multi-Vest or by itself, there is simply no better way to ensure that your bow is held securely, ready for instant use in a tree stand and/or on your belt. It is ideal for both hunting and bow shoot.


The Bow hanger kit comes with 70" nylon strap belt, One luck hook and two low profile hooks for hanging your equipments.

on tree

This amazing folding bow hanger can also be quickly attached to your pants, Tree Apron or quiver belt,  and hang your bow securely at your side, perpendicular to your body. 

on belt

At a pocket-sized 4” x1” ½” when closed, and coated with a special anti-noise compound, the Tree Apron Bow Arm will let you enjoy a new level of hands-free comfort in every hunting situation, confident that your bow will slide into your hand smoothly and silently when its time for a shot.

folded out of the way to only 1 1/2-inch thick until needed.

The low profile hooks are the same hooks as the Tree Apron and they are perfect for holding any kind of quiver.

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